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Apr 13, 2008 at 08:33 AM

OS 64bit and Oracle 10G with Patch are 32bit


Hello Experts

My problem little bit typical. I am new in Oracle.

I am going to install Solution Manager 4.0 with Oracle 10G on Windows 2003 64bit, IBM x3650 Server.

I have already installed Oracle 10G 32bit, with 32bit patches,. It’s a general Oracle without sapserver.cmd file, so I have installed with setup.exe file. I have mounted the database, created the listener.

New there are three directories 1) D:\Oracle\Product\10.2.0\admin\DEV10\adump, bdump………etc. db\admin

2) E:\Oracledata\DEV10\control01.ctl, 02.ctl…………etc.

3) G:\ Archives

Now I am trying to install SOLMAN with sapinst.exe 64bit windows, after giving the export path, it shows the massage ‘Oracle software not installed. Install oracle software first.’ Means SAP does not recognizing Oracle.

After that I am trying to install with sapinst.ext 32bit, now it is excepting the export path. After two steps it is asking for Kernal & Oracle client path. What is oracle client? I think it is asking for OCL10264.SAR file.

My Questions are:

1. I have to download form market place 32bit or 64bit file?

2. My oracle installation is proper or not.

3. Where I have to uncar that file. Please provide me the proper path, step by step.

4. I am going to the right direction or I am a wrong. Please help me ….. I don’t want to format the machine.

Please explain me in details step by step. I am in the problem, I have no friends in this line.

Best Regards