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Problem Statement: This is a question, I've asked a couple of times before & hoping this time it would get the right attention (as I am creating this question in the Mill Industry group).

I saw another post on Sheet products few days ago, where selecting the optimal machine & creating optimal base roll sizes was being discussed. Most of the Paper industries making Rolls of Paper & converted products like Sheets, Rewind Rolls, Extruded Rolls & Cartons face the same challenge: "how to determine the Optimal machine & the Optimal base roll size while an Order for a converting product is being created in the system"

Real Question: While in ECC, at the BoM line items, K-class line items & on the Routing Operations, we can add fairly decent VC coding (variety of them, per the business needs, be it a pre-condition, a simple OD, ABAP code, Dependency NET, etc), on the APO side, the same is not true on the PPDS-PDS's. In my view, the issue highlighted on the problem statement could be very easily handled by writing VC code at the "Operation/activity" & the component level. There is a place holder available, however, the same seems to be reserved (like I read on another post from Alfred Becker) for VC code imported/inherited from the ECC system. We end up needing complex ABAP coding, with myriad rules & Z-table maintenance being necessitated.

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