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Apr 12, 2008 at 10:19 PM

LO Extraction - Delta Questions (Pardon repeat post)


Hi all,

  • Pardon the repeat post, I posted the same q in the 'general' section, just realized that this may be the right area ******************

I read through many previous posts on this topic but still need your help on the following questions. Please do not ask me to search the forum as I've done that already, but still have some specific questions. I will greatly appreciate your pertinent answers and help.

1) What exactly happens during initialization of delta in the LO extraction process? I'm looking for a technical answer - are before images for the records that exist in the setup tables written into the delta queue? Does the system make any settings on the BW side as well?

2) I have a shop floor extractor (application number 04) for which I want to fill the set up tables. I've been told that documents with dates up to November 2007 will not be changed any more.

Question: I will fill setup table giving end date selection as Nov 30, 2007. I will not specify a start date. Will this load all historical records upto Nov 30, 2007? My question basically is - is it ok to not provide a start date in the selection screen of OLI4BW if I want all records prior to Nov 30, 2007?

3) I want to load all historical data into BW first. In the next step I want to load the records with dates Dec 1, 2007 until today and activate delta. What steps should I follow? Can I do the following?

Step 1: Fill set up table with historical data, run full load in BW. I will not worry about locking users here.

Step 2: Fill set up table with current data during posting free period (that is for dates Dec 1, 2007 and after). Run full load in BW again with infopack selection set to load all data from Dec 1, 2007

Step 3: I will now have all data in InfoCube (there is no ODS in the data flow)

Step 4: Run delta init load without data transfer

Will the above steps work or do you see a problem?

Thanks very much and will definitely reward generous points for pertinent answers.

Anita S.