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Apr 12, 2008 at 04:45 PM

wrong calculation of excise duties


here i have faces the problem, in MIRO there is an error " cash discount amount canot be posted". then i checked there is a wrong calculation during MIRO, when i tick the indicator of tax calculation. the tax amount calculated is greator than base amount. so i check the tax code . tax code is created for 3 % CST with" C" is correct.

Then i checked the PO , the BED ,AED,SEC,ECS calculated incorrectly, why this happen when i taken correct duty values.i.e. for 16 % bed , amount calculated is other than 16% but condition showing 16% correctly in PO.but not calculated 16% amount.

suggest me.

(one can suggest me that chapter id previosly not maintained for material. while making PO, buyer do manual entries of dutiesand save the PO. and simultaneously tell the authorities to maintain the chapter id. then suppose MIGO after chapter id maintained).this could led to calculate the duties incorrectly in PO????.SUGGEST ME