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Design Studio - Populating Measure value in text component

Dec 22, 2017 at 09:26 PM


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My requirement is to bind the measure value dynamically to text component.

I have DS1 binding to CrossTab1 and DS2 binding to crosstab2. From DS1, I pass a dimension (ABC) to DS2 using Setfilter. Then I show the measure values of DS2 in 2nd screen in a text component.

My requirement is to get the measure value for filtered Dimension ABC in text box. Now, When I bind the value in text box, how do I make the data selection so that only measure for ABC gets populated in text box.



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Can you post screenshots of your first and second screens? Are you trying to show multiple measures in a single text component?


No Mustafa,

Its just one measure for each text component.

From 1st screen I am passing the ID value to 2nd Data source of 2nd screen.


Screen 1 , I am passing ID to screen 2 and the measure values to those measures fr that particluar ID needs to be mapped with text box.

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1 Answer

Arijit Das Dec 23, 2017 at 03:06 PM

When you are filtering DS_2 using setFilter, you can also update the text component with following script:

TEXT_1.setText(DS_2.getData(<measure>, {}).formattedValue);
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That script is placed but in text mapping, should it be like {"(MEASURES_DIMENSION)":"measure","Dimension":"(RESULT_MEMBER)"} or any other way to bind.


Is there any other place where I need to declare?