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Apr 12, 2008 at 09:36 AM

Deadline Branch not working


Hi All,

I configured a simple BPM scenario with a Block step with 3 braches namely

1. Normal Branch(one receive step with in infinite loop step).

2. dead line branch with 1 min timeout. within this a control step to throw exception

3. Exception branch with no Action(no steps inside this branch)

And Obviously there is a send step outside the block (For File system).

I am not using any mapping case or even a container operation for collecting message.

My intention is only to understand deadline branch.

I am sending data from HTTPClient. The message comes to BPM. Ideally after 1 min.deadline should get executed (the infine loop should break) and I should see a response in the File System.

But this is not happening. So I followed some previous threads in Forum and I found a solution(not automatic) to make this scenario working.

The link : [Deadline monitoring not working;

In this thread I followed >> Ran the program RSWWDHEX in foreground

when I execute the above program in SE38 I am seeing a status message "'1' entries have been edited".

And Deadline monitor gets executed and I am getting response to my file system.

But this is not the solution I am looking for.

How can I make my workflow(deadline branch) automatic.

Please help me out.