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Apr 11, 2008 at 04:24 PM

Stock ...


Hello Experts,

I have this question that can help out a lot of us out there. Could you please explain me all these feild in the MMBE transaction because I need to really figure out these....please dont look at this as a long list...this will help a lot of us...please dont give us a description please tell us when will stock go into these feilds...

Unrestricted use --- Stock Sitting in the warehouse

Qual. inspection --- Stock Sitting in Quality

Returns --- ??

Transfer (SLoc) --??

Consgt unrestr. -- Consignment Unrestricted stock

Consgt qual.insp. - Consignment Quality stock

Cust. inquiries -??

Cust. quotations -??

Sales orders - when a sales order come in does it automatically reserve it as sales stock??

Cust.sched.agmts -??

Cust. contracts -??

Deliv. w/o charge - ??

Schd.for delivery -- when does stock go into this stock??

Open order qty --- Quantity sitting out there in an open Purchase Order

Consgt ordered --- ??

Reserved --- Stock reserved for the Production order

Rcpt reservation -


Sales order unre. --- ??

Sales order QI --??

Blocked --Stock sitting in blocked stock

Sales order blckd --??

Consgt blocked --??

RTP unrestr.-use --??

RTP stock in QI --??

RTP blocked --??

Project unrestr. --??

Project QI --??

Project blocked --??

Restricted-use -- what does this mean??

SalesOrder restr. ---??

Consgt restr.-use --??

RetPckgCust.restr --??

Consgt cust.restr --??

SC stock restr. --??

RTP restr.-use --??

Project restr. --??

I have writen down feild that I understand and ?? are the feild which I have no clue ...could you please explain the feild you know because I am sure many are in need for these and also it would be very helpful if some one could tell me where can I find these feilds in tables ...This would help out for a lot of people....

Thank you...