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SQLScript Calculation View Compile Time too long

Dec 21, 2017 at 03:24 PM


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It seems like all of my SQLScript Calc Views are having a Compile time that seems too long and I'm trying to find out the reason.

I'm having an issue where the "Compile Time" for my SQLScript Calc Views are too long. I have a simple SQLScript View where the "Compile Time" is 2 seconds and data retrieval is almost nothing. I have another slightly more robust SQLScript where the "Compile Time" is about 6 seconds and data retrieval is fine. CeQoPop is where most of the time is taken if you look at the Visualizer Timeline.

This is not really a problem when Cache kicks in, but it seems like my Lumira Dashboard is not using the Calc View Cache so I think the Compile Time is impacting my Dashboard initial view.

I did read something about maybe there not being enough Cache, and also if you see the CeQoPop line then it means that you Input Parameters did not go all the way down, but I am seeing the correct results so I don't believe that. Also, I read that seeing CeQoPop means that unfolding did not occur which should be fine I think.

We are on SPS12 :)

Has anyone run into anything like this with long compile time for an SQLScript Calc View?

Either way, can you let me know your thoughts when you have a moment. Thanks,
   lt_bpc = 
   select ENTY
         (PLACEHOLDER."$$IP_BPER$$"     => :IP_BPER,
          PLACEHOLDER."$$IP_APER$$"     => :IP_APER,
  	  where "HIER_ACCTNode" = 'E_STDGROSSMARGIN';

   var_out = 
   select  distinct A1."/BIC/BUSGRP"  as BUSGRP,
                    A1."/BIC/BUSUNIT" as BUSUNIT,
                    A1."/BIC/BUSSEG"  as BUSSEG
      from "SAPABAP1"."/BIC/PENTY" A1 
      inner join :lt_bpc B1 on A1."ENTY" = B1."ENTY";
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