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Disconnection between breaks in webi


I put break on a vertical table by Year .

So each year has a different table now. But If I make changes to the first table it applies to all tables.

Under each year against dimensions row I report 2 columns. 1 direct measure and 1 formula. This formula is supposed to be different for 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year. Only 3 years are shown. Actually 2 years worth of data but since it can start from mid year, like 05.2013 to 05.2015 would contain year wise 3 years, 2013,14 and 15.

Challenge is for every year there is one formula column that is supposed to contain a unique formula specific only to that year.

Now if I apply a formula to 2013, that column shows up in 2014 as well with same formula.

Even calculating all three formulae for every year and hiding rest 2 columns, thus showing only relevant formula column for that year should also be fine. But hiding also is connected between breaks. So a hide in 1 table, does same in others.

Any way to disconnect a column or create an independent column between breaks?


is there a way that while taking a date input and deriving the year and have a different report for each year in the same document.

My Webi doc source is SAP BEx query



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