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SMP 3.0 SP08 User not connecting 218 Keep Alive Pulse Stopped

Hi Team,

We have 2 servers Primary and secondary with load balancer (managing separatly) {No issue with load balancer}.

Issue found in Primary server that in Message log 218 Keep Alive Pulse Stopped and all the users connecting to it started getting communication error 14 or stuck at "logging user into server"

218 Keep Alive session Pulse why it got stopped, Was the Service Hung ? or how it is related to the user connection stopping to connect?

So if we see 218 keep alive session pulse is not generating then issue with server and after restart of SMP service it works fine, Just want to know why the 218 stopped generating, which service it is related to ?



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1 Answer

  • Jan 12, 2018 at 03:48 PM

    Dear VP,

    With respect to your question above, message 218 stands for keep alive to determine if the server is still working.

    When you stated that the 218 keep alive session pulse is not generating then there is an issue with the server. Due to your version is still SP08 this is a very old version that may have issues tied to server stability.

    Proposed solution 1: (May need an upgrade): Please review our SAP Next Generation Guided Answer tool to keep track on all Server hanging, crashing and others. Your issue of the 218 not properly working means that the server may be down.

    Guided answer for SMP 3.0 Server Crash tied to Agentry is under: SAP # 2486988 - Troubleshooting Agentry/SMP 3.0 Server crash - decision tree

    ( )

    Once you get to the link above click on the Guided answer link to check the different fixes that is tied to the hanging of the server. So you need to check your version and check the newer version on issues that were fixed.

    At this moment, the analysis to the error above is your server hanged or is unstable.

    Proposed solution 2: When your server is running out of memory the server will hang as well. Most of the symptoms tied to hanging issue may show Error 11 in any of your logs.

    The SAP Guided Answer tool for Error 11 is under:

    Guided Answer Error 11 - 2255046 - User getting "Error 11" on SAP Mobility CRM/ERP products for SMP 3.0 (Agentry)

    Most of the fixes tied to Error 11 is either increasing your Java VM memory, increasing thread and others to help stabilize the SMP 3.0 server.

    With the solution proposed above you should be well armed to make the best decision for your environment.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Pe
    Product Support

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    • Thanks Mark for detailed response.

      What exactly 218 do? In logs i can see this will be there for long time, and after sometime it will not be there and again 218 comes back.

      We would like to know the proceed at what time 218 get generate (it depends on user transmitting file)?