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Dec 27, 2017 at 08:51 AM

Geo and Employee Hierarchy


Dear Gurus,

At client they need two kind of hierarchy.

1. Geo hierarchy

2. Employee hierarchy

1. for geo hierarchy is use the standard one "customer hierarchy type A" and configure the process

2. for the employee hierarchy i copy all the areas as configuration and make"hierarchy type B" for employees.

now in vdh1n i enter the main customer and execute it and after going inside and maintain the hierarchy, but while saving button system automatically goes out. and again if i run the vdh1n and execute it system dont show any hierarchy is being maintain, but again if i do the same system gives the information message

Assignments already existing have been adjusted

Message no. VSH_APPL_LOG034 Diagnosis The customer is already assigned in the validity area entered. These assignments are deleted. System Response Procedure Procedure for System Administration

please guide I am stuck there with thanks.