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Apr 11, 2008 at 08:19 AM

Delegation of events not working


Hi all,

I created have ZAPPR_DOC as a subtype of APPR_DOC and have set the delegation from APPR_DOC to ZAPPR_DOC.

In ZAPPR_DOC, I have an asynchronous method which doesn't do anything, but will just be used to notify the employee of a pending appraisal document and is supposed to be terminated after the employee fills up his portion of the appraisal. Once the employee fills up his part, the appraisal doc will trigger a customised event ZCUSTOM_EVENT2. I have specified this event as the terminating event fot the Task in the workflow.

Now, when we test the workflow, the work item is created and sent to the employee. The employee then fills in the details into the appraisal form and submits the form. The event ZCUSTOM_EVENT2 is generated for the APPR_DOC, but it is not captured by the work item and so the work item is not completed and the flow simply hangs there.

Can anyone throw some light on why the event triggered for APPR_DOC is not captured by the workitem which is pointing to a method of ZAPPR_DOC.

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