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Apr 11, 2008 at 06:58 AM

Creating a function module


please help me to

create a function module as follows-

i) Have the following import parameters

empnm TYPE zb19rv2_table-empnm ,

empdj TYPE zb19rv2_table-empdj ,

empad TYPE zb19rv2_table-empad ,

empph TYPE zb19rv2_table-empph ,

depid TYPE zb19rv2_table-depid.

ii) Have the following export parameter

empid TYPE zb19rv2_table-empid ,

iii) Have the following exceptions

Raise exception if the Name field is blank

iv) Source code-

Check if the import parameter has name given, if not raise exception, else

Select the latest empid from table zb19rv2_table

Increment this id by one

Use the import parameters and the new generated empid to insert record in to the table zb19rv2_table

If the record is inserted, then move the new generated empid to the export parameter of the function module