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Apr 11, 2008 at 06:55 AM

Problem in Synchrounous Scenario of SOAP to RFC



This is in regard to the problem that i am facing with the synchronous scenario from SOAP to RFC.

I am sending some data from SOAP to XI and inturn the RFC picks up some parameters from the XML and calls callRFCAdapter() method to process it and send some response back to that xml input paratmeters.

Now the problem here we are facing is,When RFC is sending back the response to XI there is no problem but, when the XI is sending back the response to sync call that is made by SOAP adapter.

The error which we are facing is like this, we are getting this message in the auditlog,

Delivery of the message to the application using connection AFW failed, due to: Couldn't find delivery channel for message:



So for this we have done few things like,

1. CPA Cache Refresh with FULL mode

2. Checked for the Receiver Agreement and the Channel COnfiguration but no problem with those things

3. We tested the same using Integration engine instead of Adapter Engine but still the problem persists

We have one doubt that whether this is causing becoz of the name of the interface is too long.

Is this may be a cause for this problem or what?

Can anyone please help me in solving this issue?

This happens only for few messages like 95 out 100 messages. But when i do the CPA cache refresh then its working for a period of time then again throwing the same error.

Please look into this issue and give me some valuable suggestions in solving this issue.