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Apr 11, 2008 at 05:30 AM

Conversion exit for project definition



I have created a generic extractor to get some data of table PRPS. The project-definition number in this table is in field PSPHI. When you display the result of the extractor in the extractor checker (RSA3) the correct number (e.g. PG5707) is showing, however, when it comes into BW, it is showing the internal number (e.g. 000002). In BW I use this field to populate 0PROJECT, but due to the internal number being sent, I cant use it.

Can anyone please tell me what conversion exit I can call in my extractor to get the external number?

I also notice in SE16 for this table there is a selection in the user parameters to tick under the "Format" section in the data browser tab. If it is not selected, it shows the internal number, but if selected, the external number is displayed. I want to do this in my extractor.