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Former Member
Apr 11, 2008 at 04:58 AM

Import and export parameters.


Hi Experts,

If I am using import n export parameters for getting data from a different program into my main program, do i have to declare the variables again in the second program.

For ex:

The main report has the following piece of code:

data: int1 type I,

int 2 type I.

export: int1 to memory id 'mem1',

int2 to memory id 'mem2'.

submit report 'call_report' and return.


The call_report has the following piece of code:

import: int1 from memory id 'mem1',

int2 from memory id 'mem2'.

So if I am not declaring int1 n int2 explicitly in this report, i get the syntax error that they r not defined.

My confusion is that when v r exporting int1 n int2 from the main report, then y is the explicit declaration required?

Is ther no other way out than decalring int1 n int2 in the call_report.

I will reward all the helpful answers.