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How to downgrade the SPAM

Oct 21, 2016 at 02:07 AM


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There is someone who can tell me how to downgrade the SPAM? now my veision is 0063,but what I need is 0059.because the 0063 couldn't allow me to update the support package T T ,please~~~

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It would also help if someone could change the primary tag of this question to something more appropriate than SAP TechEd.

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3 Answers

Anita Singh Oct 21, 2016 at 06:57 AM

Hello April Qi,

How can an updated version of SPAM, not allow you to update SP for another component?

Could you let us know the details of error being faced?


Best Regards,


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Kaushik Debnath Oct 21, 2016 at 07:13 AM

Hi April

My friend, there is no downgrading, the upgrading is a one-way route. So, from here what I can see is that you have to tell us which component you are not able to upgrade & what is the error message showing. Hope you have studied the pre-requisites & the checks you have to perform before doing the SPAM upgrade. I also did not understand from the above post of yours that where is it written that you can do the SPAM upgrade job using 0059 version not the 0063 version?? Hope that you know that to run SPAM you can have the authorisation level of Profile

S_A.SYSTEM & also give the full permission to the directory EPS/IN if upgrading the components from that location.

By thae way what steps are you taking to do this SPAM upgrade job??



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thanks a lot ! May be I think I have a lot of problem except the SPAM

could you contact me by <removed by moderator - see our rules>


This community is about helping everyone. Help should be given in public, not in private. If you could give more details of your problem here (starting perhaps with the information Kaushik asked) then maybe we'll be better able to help you.



Maybe I think you maybe misunderstood me.. I m a intern for two months, I just want to find a person who can help me solve some problem ,because I have a lot of thing do not understand but do not know how to write on the SCN~ :(


If you're being given tasks to do that you don't understand, especially as an intern, can you not ask your supervisor/manager? This doesn't sound like a task that should be given to an intern without help available.

Anyway, as Kaushik said you cannot downgrade SPAM, short of restoring from a backup taken before it was upgraded. So, you need to find a way to apply your support package with your current, or a newer, version. Did you search for relevant OSS notes?

Perhaps if you tell us what support package you are having trouble with (again, as Kaushik asked) we can help more. With the information you have given us so far, I don't think there is any more we can do for you.


Hi April,

You mentioned as Intern. So, I was also wondering the SPAM matter you asked, is in your Dummy System or it is like a question that you faced somewhere & you want to know the answer for that? Also its obvious that you might not be entitled to any Service Market Login also for this purpose from the company or the client that you are working for & hence resulting in to not able to search OSS Notes which would have reflected here as search results, only if you could have posted details of your Search results. There is one more doubt that what I can see the mail address you have mentioned is & the SAP logo beside your name, so why not use the resources that you are already entitled with. I think you have your own S-user login too. I can see from your profile about setting up Kerberos System & stuff. And you are not giving proper details after using SCN for quite a long time. For error can also give screen-shot or consult someone from your ABAP side also. As because there is not a single error that can happen during SPAM, so you can pretty much understand its a vast are to describe all these in here & so you have to be more specific about your issue.

Of Note, You should think clearly that I am not your fellow employee or friend & neither SCN is like having expertise people do your job. I told you like this because you mentioned to come on skype/e-mail to take remote & do your job. We are here to give you a backpush not to execute your job. We do provide this sort of help here in SCN free of cost so that some people can get assistance to execute thier job, not to do their job. You should keep in mind about certain matters. Like,

1. We are not your paid employees. Hence its obvious that no one else but you will only have to execute your job yourself. Like you take your food yourself, you have to do the job yourself only.

2. SCN is for everyone individual. So, the answer or workaround, that we provide here in not only for you, but the content/posts will be available in future too, so that other people who do face the same issue, they can see the matter here & if the problem is similar to your matter then, they can also follow the solution from here & without even posting a new question they can also solve the matter on their own. That will result in everyone time saving. I bet if you have searched for the similar issue before posting here in SCN

3. Asking the Right Question can only get you the Right Answer. Hence details are not enough. So need furnish some from your side.If you are working as an intern in SAPLabs, then I know, from my personal friends that they do provide all the required assistance to their interns.

"because I have a lot of thing do not understand but do not know how to write on the SCN"

If you do not understand or you do not know, what is the appropriate word here? Believe me, I have also not met anyone in this world who knows everything. So, that is why we keep trying by putting effort. If someone is asking you something, you reply politely & ask where to check that(if you do not know). Also Google search, SCN search are there. I also sometimes needed to search if I do not know. There is no shame in it & that is why in the SCN Rules of Engagement, its mentioned as Search Before You Post. If I am putting effort here to answer your query, it is obvious that you also have to put some effort & get me what I need to know about your system & thus only we can help. Because without proper details, we are not Gods sitting here who will know your issue & sort it out for you. Even, in my belief, God also do not provide you direct result. That is why God has created you. Given you a brain to analyze/understand, hands to type & etc so that you can help yourself. If you can not help yourself then , I believe no one in this world can.

"because I have a lot of thing do not understand" --> My suggestion is do not panic & put some more effort(the current effort is not sufficient Like you also did not mention the name of the support pack where issue showing).



Thorsten Scheyter
Nov 02, 2016 at 03:37 PM


a downgrade of a SPAM is not intended and was never our idea. Please get in contact via internal processes.


(SPAM/SAINT Development Support)

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