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Apr 10, 2008 at 08:51 PM

Organization Management from R/3 HR Download - Can't archive BP


We have integrated our HR system into CRM to download employees from the R/3 HR system into CRM. When these employees are created, they receive a CRM Business Partner number along with an assigment in the Organizational Structure in CRM. We ran into an issue where the initial download of employees into CRM didn't always bring the personnel number on the business partner. In order to clean this up, we needed to flag these business partners for archive and run the HR download again, which created a new business partner.

When I try to have our archive job run for the original business partner, it gives us an error stating "Business Partner is only used actively in Organizational Management" I go into the Organizational Model and I can find this business partner, but it can't be deleted from what I can tell and it is NOT related to any other organization.

How do I delete this business partner from the organiational model so I can remove these business partners from our system?