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Former Member
Apr 10, 2008 at 07:15 PM

subtotal in pricing procedure



I am not able to understand the concept of subtotal.

I know that these values get added up in some table. in which table it get added up?

I know that if i will give subtotal 1 to all the conditions in the PO all will get added up in together and sit in a single field meant for subtotal 1.

I am not able to understand the meaning and purpose of these subtotals.

when we are adding all the conditions and at the end of scheam, automatically value will get added up to get the landed cost and this will sit in some table. then what is the use of sub totals.?

do we have to put the statistical tick at the subtotal and at effective price, say my first subtotal is basic plus packing and forwarding charges and subtotal 1, do I have to put the satistical tick or not.

pl clear the doubt, all guide how I can see at table level that subtotals are get added up and right value is getting calculated.