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Dec 23, 2017 at 11:11 AM

report FMRP_FW_BUDCON and cancelling the release of budget


Hi - Experts- looking for your valuable suggestion

I have posted budget thru FMBB and released the same, the report FMRP_FW_BUDCON has updated correctly and reported. in the report FMRP_FW_BUDCON 100.00 has been updated as current budget and 100.00 under consumable budget and 100.00 is shown as available. now my release has to be changed so I reversed the released document from FMBB using " reverse" option. the system generated document number and its status is "posted". The original released document also got updated with reversed document number. but when I go to report FMRP_FW_BUDCON I don't see the amount changing under the column " consumable amount". it still shows 100.00 under consumable budget. I am expecting to see 0 under "consumable budget". Is my expectation right and if I am not correct can someone suggest how I can reverse my released document, report and post right release again.