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Apr 10, 2008 at 02:28 PM

In SE30 hit list, please help me to understand the GROSS and the NET column


Here a line from the Hit List :


Number = 6

Gross = 5662 microsecond

Net = 810 microseconds

The whole program execution takes 1.705.253 microseconds.

Can somebody explain me the meaning of the GROSS and the NET time using this example ?

The routine TRANSFER_TO_UNIX has been executed 6 times. That is clear.

Is the gross time the total time required for a call or for 6 calls ?

=> following documentation , "the gross time is the total time required for A call. This includes the runtime of all modularization units and abap statement called by the subject."

=> but following a blog read on this forum, the gross time is “the total times, not the times per execution”.

That confused me very much ….

Can somebody clarify that for me ?

Also, what I don't understand at all is the NET time

=> following documentation, the net time “is the gross time less the time required for modularization units (MODULE, PERFORM, CALL FUNCTION, CALL SCREEN, CALL TRANSACTION, CALL METHOD, CALL DIALOG, SUBMIT), and for the ABAP statements listed separately. For statements such as APPEND, the gross time is the same as the net time.

If the gross and net runtimes of a call are different, the call must either contain further calls or modularization units”

Here is the code of the routine :

add 1 to w_nb_ok.

clear l_record.

l_record-gpart = <f_vkont>-gpart.

l_record-vkont = <f_vkont>-vkont.

l_record-mahnv = <f_vkont>-mahnv.

l_record-zzfbdate = <f_vkont>-zzfbdate.

l_record-zzcastatus = <f_vkont>-zzcastatus.

l_record-ktokl = <f_vkont>-ktokl.

l_record-regiogr_ca_b = <f_vkont>-regiogr_ca_b.

l_record-mahnv_new = <f_vkont>-mahnv_new.

l_record-zzfbdate_new = <f_vkont>-zzfbdate_new.

l_record-zzfbdate_upd = <f_vkont>-zzfbdate_upd.

l_record-zzcastatus_new = <f_vkont>-zzcastatus_new.

l_record-zzcastatus_upd = <f_vkont>-zzcastatus_upd.

transfer l_record to w_output_file.


Thanks in advance