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Apr 10, 2008 at 09:28 AM

Precalculation fase ExcellPrecDll hangs.


Hi All,

I am trying to install and configure the precalculation service. When I execute the precalculation from within the portal (Business Explorer -> BEx broadcaster) I can see that a new browser screen is openend. This one stays empty/blanc. On the precalculation server I can see the the request is parsed trough (see below)

TRACE Opened at Thursday April 10 2008 10:44:59 AM,Thursday April 10 2008 10:44:59 AM

Starting Precalcservice in Start<hostname>,<hostname>

lprogid - 47D8FD948AB9008BE10080009148BC22

lgwhost - <full qualified hostname>

lgwservice - sapgw00

I,612,try to initialize Event Queue

I,613,All Instances initialized Host started

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STATUS - Inside get server state

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STATUS - The state returned is 00

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -Init Connection Host <hostname> BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -SESSIONID - 9148BC2205FA47FDD5CA33E520000000

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -lInstanceID - 0

BexExcelPrecDll:InitConnection - ExcelApp NameMicrosoft Excel

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -InitConnection of Dll1

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_PRECALCULATE - Calculation Request: Type E Printer: SessionID:9148BC2205FA47FDD5CA33E520000000


BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_PRECALCULATE - Request transfered to Prec-DLL

StartCalc : 01

BExExcepPrecDll.StartCalc: Connection passed

BExExcelPrecDll.StartCalc: Open Workbook

After the last entry, the request is hanging and nothing happends any further.

Anybody figured this out yet?


Stephan van Loon