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Apr 10, 2008 at 08:59 AM

KM TREX not indexing



I have a problem regarding the TREX.

I have this folder indexed.

I create resources in this folder by a custom WDP application.

Basically i will upload a .pdf or .doc file from desktop to this folder.

Now the problem is some of the documents are not getting indexed.

There are very few documents though, but i cant find a reason why it is not getting indexed.

Now, when i check the properties of the documents which gets failed, i dont see any problem.

If i simple press "Save" button, the document starts gettign indexed and thus it gets indexed.

Here, i am not changing any property, but simply pressing the save button.

Till date, i couldnt reproduce the error.

But since this error was reported from Prod, we want to know why this error comes and how it can be avoided.

Please give ur thoughts...