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Delete the last delta load request from Infocube and last full load from DSO through process chain

Hello Experts,

I have a flow which loads full from DSO1 to another DSO2 and then delta load from DSO2 To Cube1.

I need to delete the last request from DSO2 and Cube1 before load everytime.

I have checked the SDN post :

(RSICCONT is table which the Request of all cube data Target .

code :-

data msid type i.

select max( sid ) into msid from RSICCONT where Icube = '<your cube name >'.

delete from RSICCONT where sid = msid and icube = '<your cube name>')

But using this process the last request deletion can be done but after deletion when I am loading it again it is giving me dump. As the old request just disappears from the manage screen of the cube but request status is successful.It could not make the request status as deleted.

What can be the solution



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  • Hello Experts,

    To change the old request status to deleted should I also change the UState(Value to 4)and TState(Value to 4) of the request in the table RSBKREQUEST??



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