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Apr 10, 2008 at 05:43 AM

row text 1


Hi All,

I want to import sales order where there are some rowtext in the sales order, I use this query:

SELECT T2.[DocEntry], T2.[LineSeq], T2.[AftLineNum], T2.[LineText], T0.[ItemCode], T0.[Dscription], T0.[Quantity] FROM [dbo].[PDN1]  T0 left join [dbo].[PDN10]  T2 on t2.ordernum = t0.linenum INNER JOIN OPDN T3 ON T0.DocEntry = T3.DocEntry WHERE T3.[DocNum]  = '99'

The result:

# Document Key Row Sequence After Row Number Row Text Item No. Item/Service Description Quantity

1 A1006 Football Worldcup 2

2 99 Bonus A1007 Golf Balls 1

I could not find out how to separate the row text from the 2nd item. Actually the row text is above the linenum 2 or between item A1006 and item A1007. Please give advice. TIA