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Oct 20, 2016 at 10:04 PM

HANA Procedure Compilation is consuming too much time


Hi All -

In our scenario, we are calling HANA stored procedure from XSJS. The total time it takes to run the procedure via xsjs is 5 seconds. However if we run the stored procedure directly in HANA studio via a call statement on SQL editor then the total execution time is 2 seconds. On further investigation it showed us that 3 seconds are going everytime in procedure compile time. Even if I run the proc via xsjs immediately but it compiles the procedure everytime and consumes those extra 3 seconds.

Our procedure contains local temp tables and Global temp tables. Takes Table type as input parameter and output parameters.

We are running on SPS10 ( ).

My question now is that why HANA has to compile the procedure code everytime even though there is no change in the code.

Please advise.