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Apr 09, 2008 at 07:15 PM



Hi there

I have a business requirement, whereby

1) fire extinguishers are taken from installations.

2) transported to factory

3) in factory , these fire extinguishers are checked by an external machine if they are meeting the specifications.

depending on that, fire extinguishers may be refilled, renewed, or repaired.

also a quality certificate is issued

4) fire extinguishers(all repaired) + (paper)certificate are taken back to the installation.

we think we shall use QM here. for the certificate part (at least)


1) is QM really neeed here ?

2) if we want the certificate , then at step #3, when an external gadget is testing the fire extinguishers, what needs to be done on SAP side so that ,we can say QM will be sufficient to churn out a certificate. ?

we need all the caliberation results from this external machine ➕ Customer #,order #, Equipment Group, Type,serial #, location. { so caliberation result = external device, and the rest of the data should be in SAP }

at what stage in the process will QM kick in this process ?

when(at what point) is all the data inside the R/3 database ?

will QM do this ? which takes us back to Q1 again.

3) is # 3 the 'characteristic' step in certificate creation ?