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Apr 09, 2008 at 04:02 PM

CALL TRANSACTION on FBV2 only works in mode 'A'


Hello all,

I've wrote a little program to make changes on FI parked invoices. This update is made by a CALL TRANSACTION on transaction FBV2.

This program has worked fine until a couple of days

Since yesterday, this program has stopped working. I debugged it to check if everything was allright and I saw that if the CALL TRANSACTION is launch in mode 'A' (display screens) it works fine.

- I'm running on SA R/3 4.7 (package level 27)

- I've tried playing with CTU_PARAMS values specially on RACOMMIT, NOBINPT, UPDATEMODE etc.. .no results

- Iv'e send this program to a friend that is running ECC5 it works fine

Have you got an idea, a clue, a rope ?

Thank you for your help