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Former Member
Apr 09, 2008 at 02:26 PM

Copy Function with Single selection of row


I want to copy necessary Planning items in my Input ready query from period 1 to remaining periods based on variable entries. To achieve this I have created a copy planning function to copy amount entered in period 1 (variable) to range of posting period variable entries (e.g. 2 -12 or 6-12).

I have created structure for GL accounts and I want to copy from period 1 to 2 - 12 for one row at a time.

I have created WAD template, I selected in behavior section of Analysis item, single with command option and assigned Planning sequence (consisting of copy function) as command.

On execution of WAD, I select single row in my input ready query and instead of one row getting copied over to the range of posting period, all rows consisting of Planning Items with amount are getting copied over, which I am not expecting with single selection option.

How can I have only one row getting copied over?

Am I am missing something?

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.