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C4C Print form binding with a table

Dear All,

I am working on already working form since our client needs some changes.

However I am not able to link how the fields from BO is getting populated in the table. Below is how binding is done , data is populated

Now if u can see its not binded to any field/table from BO its binded with Use Name , how this binding works and how will i be able to add 1 more column and populate.

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Dhruvin

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2 Answers

  • Dec 28, 2017 at 08:40 AM

    Hi Vandre,

    Thanks for your feedback , however I have few doubts.

    "Data is populated form with the information from the XML file of the respective BO."

    So that is nothing but our MainSchema.xsd file , am i correct? like below.

    Now when i Go to File->Form Properties -> Preview -> Data File is blank.

    But as per my understanding this is just for Previewing locally in ALC right? And for field related binding we have done as you said ,

    Which is working perfectly , but in our form some of the developer has used something called as "USENAME" binding where there isnt any, DataConnection field is mentioned still while launching the form from C4C its showing fields from one of the Table hence I am confused how exactly that binding is working. which is hown below.

    As you can see in Databinding field they havent used "Data Connection" still Data is getting poppulated from Servicerequest, this is my doubt. I hope I am clear :)

    Can you help me understand how this binding work...

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    • Hi Vandre,

      I totallly agree that "common usage of bindings is use the data connection." and I am also aware about the data binding with connection :( but somehow this is highly used form in production and i am not unable to add the column in the table because its not directly binded to the table.

      About the bindings, the Main Schema is enough for get the bindings, but we suggest use the XML in preview to ensure that the properly data is shown and avoid wrong bindings

      For above point to i agree ( because all the time i had to replace existing variants in form template maintenance ) , I will make this point!.

  • Dec 27, 2017 at 07:31 PM

    Hello Dhruvin,

    Data is populated form with the information from the XML file of the respective BO.

    Let's use a Sales Quote for example. In e.g. Complete SQ, on the Output tab you can find the XML file, find the respective data in XML and follow the connection tree.

    Then in in ALD, connect the downloaded XML:

    1. In Tab File
    2. Form Properties…
    3. Preview
    4. "Data File" field, find the downloaded XML.

    So, for example the External ID binding, follow the below example:

    1. In Object > Binding palette, click the triangle beside the Data Binding (Open, Save, Submit) box and select a binding
    2. Use "Data Connection"
    3. FormQuote
    4. ExternalID
    5. #data

    You will see a binding like this:$.FormQuote.ExternalID

    For add more columns, give a right click on the Table go to "Insert" and insert a column or row as necessary. For populate it with data follow the same as above.

    You can find more details in ALD > Help, search for > Binding the data to fields and table cells.

    I hope this could help you.

    Best Regards,

    Vandre Philippsen

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