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Dec 21, 2017 at 07:45 AM

Supplier list tile for S4


Hi all,

Our business wanted to have access to tile "Display Supplier list" that will enable them to see all BP Vendors. ALso they wanted tiles that will show Changes done to Vendors like a tcode in ECC.

On checking Fiori app library I can see the app ID: F1861. We are in release 1610 FPS1 and this app is ONLY available for release 1709.

I came across another App ID :F0354 "Suppliers" whcih was applicable for 1610 FPS1(our version).Following are 2 Business roles specified in App library

SAP_BR_BUPA_MASTER_SPECIALISTMaster Data Specialist - Business Partner Data SAP_BR_BUYER

User was able to see the Tile "Supplier" on assigning The SAP_BR_BUYER role. I figured out the Group name and went to the associated catalog (SAP_CMD_BC_SUPPLIER_DSP)in Fiori designer. The designer does not show any tile on that catalog that says "Supplier". How can I create a custom catalog referencing the std catalog from BUYER role when the tile is missing in standard Catalog itself.

Please help!!

If this is not the correct community, please redirect it accordingly. I posted few of my questions and I haven't heard any reply yet in this forum. Please guide me if this forum is inappropriate.