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Apr 09, 2008 at 01:08 PM

Error in executing process from the UWL task list



I have created a process and assigned different users to different steps. For administrator, Overseer and Owner, i have kept role as initiator only. For the actions of the process, set the value as Initiation defined and in Default Roles tab, have assigned different users to each of the actions. From the URL generated on instantiation, i created a web dynpro iview and assigned it to a role R.

The UWL has also been configured. The initiator of the process is assigned the role R.

Now the issues are:

1. When the process initiator opens this role R, an error is displayed " Page not found or not available", but the process gets initiated since an entry for the same is made in the UWL task list.

2. Even when I click on the task entry in the UWL task list, i get the same error message.

3. Presently if i click on the role R, then only entry is displayed in the UEL task list. Is there a way in which task may automatically appear in the task list of the initiator of the process without him/her having to click the role and then initiate?

I am not able to figure out why this is happening. Can anyone please help me in this regard.

Thanks & regards,