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Clearing of vendor and customer in inter state stock transfer

Dec 21, 2017 at 05:36 AM


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Dear All,

In the post GST scenario while transfering stock from one state to other state GST is applicable on that transaction.So for GST calculation the plant from where the stock is transferred is created as a vendor and the plant in other state which is receiving the stock is created as a plant will be sending goods to different plant and also receiving from different plant.

while sending goods the entry is

customer a/c Dr

to goods in transit a/c

to GST payable

when goods received

Goods in transit a/c Dr

GST input a/c DR

to vendor

Now we need to do clearing of both vendor and customer which may be one to one and one to many.

Please advice how to do the clearing in this scenario



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1 Answer

Muhammad Iftikhar Anwar Dec 21, 2017 at 07:35 AM

Hi Shivaji,

Assign customer to vendor,s master data (control tab) , and active option "Clrg with customer" (clear with customer) in company code data under "payment transaction accounting".



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Hi Iftikhar,

Thank you for your reply.I did the same as mentioned by you.The issue here is vendor customer relation is one to vendor can be assigned to many customers.But we can clear the customer which is assigned latest.E.g if vendor A is assigned to customer B C D then we can clear only D and A.then remove this and again we have to assign C to vendor A.

Please advice in this scenario how to proceed.




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Hi Lakshmipathi,

Thank you for your support.