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Details required for BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE.

Dec 21, 2017 at 05:25 AM


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Hello ABAPer,

This is regarding the BAPI - BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE.

Can we append all the item details of the contract which needs to be changed in the Parameter item_condition and item_cond_validity and then call this BAPI and do the changes?

We have some performance issue in our report. Actually it is calling everytime of each item to do the changes in the Contract so if we have 150 items this BAPI is called 150 times so its huge performance issue here. So we proposed like we will append all the item details in the internal tables (item_condition and item_cond_validity) for that contract and call this BAPI for only once.

Can you suggest on this?

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Nic Teunckens Dec 21, 2017 at 08:02 AM

You should be able to add Multiple entries in de Condition-Tables of the BAPI ...

As a Reference :

  • SAP-KBA 1707759 that adds some useful information : link
  • SAP-KBA 1970016 provides additional info on the limitations of the BAPI : link
  • See if the BAPI-code is updated to its latest release, as there are many SAP-KBA's on corrections for this BAPI, certainly regarding Conditions ...

You can also do a "Where-Used" for this BAPI as it is used in a number of Standard-Programs and Functions ...

If you still encounter problems, post a sample of your Code and / or the possible Return-Messages upon executing your Code.

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Thanks for your reply....

Will this approach improve the performance of the report? plz suggest


It probably should, although you should - as I stated earlier - also look into upgrading the BAPI to its latest release (see SAP ONE Support, because there are many Notes regarding Performance such as 1612344 / 1727782 / 1475971). Finally, some mention of the BAPI is also given in this Blog (on how to use / pass data in the Conditions Tables) ...

When problems persist, try :

  • Analysis of Performance via Trx."SAT" / "SE30" ...
  • Check if Active BAdI's or UserExits are triggered that could have Performance-heavy Custom code ...

Thanks Nic... Appreciate your support:)