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Incomplete Code in BRF+ for Legacy Form support

When implementing Adobe Forms at a client with new S4/HANA 1511 installation, I faced these weird issues, because of incomplete coding from SAP.

The client had Adobe forms for PO that need to be used in the new output management. As there's a legacy option, we decided to use that to link the existing Adobe form to the BRF+. All the configs are done and the outputs are working fine, except a couple of major flaws.

1. When we assign the EMAIL channel to output type, it cannot send emails to more than one email ID. Multiple email IDs either in TO or CC, is simply not coded for, even though the parameters used for the same, are table types. Why is this part just left incomplete, SAP?

To work around this, we had to write a custom code, and send the emails from our print program itself, attaching the PDF generated.

2. When we put two channels EMAIL and PRINT, for the output type, our print program above sends the emails twice, once for each Channel.

And as we struggled to 'determine' the channel currently used, there seems to be no way, because of one strange assumption by some developer at SAP.

And nothing else is passed on to the print program, except the incomplete NAST and TNAPR structures.

Just because someone assumed that the print program cannot be used for anything except printing, they hard-coded nacha field to 1 (Print), irrespective of the value in ir_or_item->channel. Why SAP, Why? If you could just do the mapping of the channel without assuming, the life of us consultants would be so much easier.

Does anyone knows any other way of finding out the current channel, inside the custom print program?

legacy.jpg (42.8 kB)
apoc.jpg (84.2 kB)
legacy-call.jpg (95.4 kB)
po-out.jpg (49.9 kB)
opd.jpg (36.5 kB)
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3 Answers

  • Dec 21, 2017 at 10:54 PM

    Please raise such issues with SAP Support.

    Also there have been several output BADIs delivered as part of the last year's SD customer initiative, make sure to search SAP Notes. The same initiative is currently active, check on I can't get in there (no SID at the moment), but last time I checked there were more improvements suggested for the emails. Last year the improvements were delivered in spring time via SAP Notes.

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  • Dec 21, 2017 at 09:16 PM

    I don't know this module, but SAP is used to send emails to only one recipient which is a univoque ID of either one email address, or one distribution list (several emails) that you may configure in transaction SO15 (or private in SO24). Could you try with a distribution list?

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    • Thanks Sandra.

      I know about this, but the requirement is specifically to send email to a single email ID (not DL), in the TO with other email IDs (or DLs) in CC. And while we see the presence of all these fields on the output screen, they're simply not handled in the code. That's my problem :-(

  • Dec 27, 2017 at 06:06 AM

    Thanks for the answers... These however only pertains to the 1st point I raised...

    What about the 2nd point? Is it really a gap/bug from SAP? Any workarounds for that?

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