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Apr 09, 2008 at 12:07 PM

ALV refresh after saving



I thought with the previous post's about ALV refreshing i could do it seems i have some isues that i don't understand why it doesn't work!

So my ALV as some editable fields, when i make changes in this fields and then click the save button it saves me the changes to a Z table. On every load of the ALV there are some fields that are filled with data from de Z table x data from standard table. When i save i want this to appen without having to go the previous screen and then go to the next screen.

In the statement When '&DATA_SAVED' i have some code that saves my data do the Z table. Iv'e tryed to call the method refresh_table_display and check_changed_data at the begining of the Where statement and after the last line of code in this statement, after the insert in the Z table, and it didn't worked...

So...any help would be nice!