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MIRO : Document Holding Vs Document Parking

Dec 20, 2017 at 09:10 PM


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Hi All,

Please let me know the difference between document Holding and Parking in MIRO. I have browsed through the available discussions. Here is what I found.

1. Both in Parking and Holding, FI validations if any will not be called.

2. Both in Parking and Holding balance mismatch error will come up.

3. in Parking follow on FI document gets created and in Holding, it does not get created.

So , other than the point 3, I don't see any difference between Document holding and Parking specifically for MIRO. Point 3 , does not make much of a difference from a end user prospective. Hence I wanted to know, in which scenarios, Parking will be used ad in which scenario, holding will be used.



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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Dec 20, 2017 at 09:33 PM

you should have used your subject line to search with Google

right on top of the results is a wiki from here, and the preview has already the answer

miro-hold.png (94.2 kB)
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Thanks for the response.

How ever, I have posted this question after doing enough searching in net and doing analysis on the system and have posted my findings as well. I have already gone through the link shared by you. Its about FI document parking and holding . My query is specific to MIRO . Let me know, if you have any pointes on MIRO, parking and holding, specifically to the queries, that I have put across.




And you mean parking and holding in MIRO is different from parking and holding of a vendor invoice....?


Yes. It is different. FI document Holding allows you to enter a temporary document number and MIRO holding does not.


Dear Swastik Ranjan,

If i am not mistaken, You have only the leverage of both Parking and Holding options together in MIR7 only. In MIRO you can only hold or post, where you get the option of Parking, i didn't see yet.
MIRO document number has internal number ranges, MIRO input has no field available to enter the document number manually, it only appears after the posting or holding, but in FI i think you have the field visible while even creating document/invoice/payment.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi