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File Size issue while trasmitting.

Dec 20, 2017 at 04:13 PM


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file-splitting.pngchunck.pngHi All,

I am trying to transfer a large size file(200MB) from PI system using chunk mode,its a FILE to FTP interface with no message mapping and file content conversion.
The interface was working good with out any issues from past 6 months, but correctly its truncating the file. So I changed the interface from Chunk mode to File splitting mode, but still facing the same issue, truncating issue not happening every day, its happening once in two weeks. And when I check the message attributes, the chunk mode is showing as active, but currently am using file splitting mode, so my question is why the chunk mode is still active, if I am not using it. And are there any other solutions to resolve this issue.



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2 Answers

Liz Jin
Dec 21, 2017 at 08:26 AM

Hi Vijay,

Firstly, please do the dummy change to the specific file channel, activate the change and check the cache status overview in Integration Directory, make sure the changes have been updated to cache successfully. So that the new configuration can be used during runtime.

Secondly, if the cache is OK,and check if the chunk mode is still active for messages.

Then, if the file is still truncated, please let me know the following info:

1. version of PI relevant components e.g. sap_xiaf, messaging.

2. if the size of the truncated file is much larger than the normal one.

3. if the workload is high when the issue happens.

Best Regards,


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Vijay B Dec 21, 2017 at 03:53 PM

Hi Liz,

As you suggested, I made a dummy change and activated and did cache refresh also, the chunk mode is still showing as active.

1. SAP_XIAF: 1000.

2. We are sending 3 files at the time when the work load is less at 3am. first file is 200 MB, second is 150 MB and third is 130 MB. Either one of the file is truncating.

3. work load is not high when the issue happens.



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