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Apr 09, 2008 at 10:43 AM

User-Defined Fields Window


Hi All,

I have one issue with the User-Defined Fields window of the ACTIVITY form.

I had added some user defined fields (UDF) to the Activities so that the User-Defined Fields are displaying in a separate window just near to the Activity window with Type (-651). All the UDFs are bound to the table, "OCLG".

I want to initialize the values in the User defined fields controls with a text when the form is loading.

I had tried to do this using

oForm.Datasources.DBDatasources.Item("OCLG").SetValue("U_CUST",0,"MyValue");When I executed this statement, i am getting HResult error.

Then I tried this by using UserDataSources.

The same error repeats.

But the code with .Specific.String = NewVal is working fine.

Can you please explain the scenarios that we are able to do it using .Specifc.String. Is this a true method for doing this?

if not

please tell me How can we do this using Datasources (DBDatasources/ UserDataSources),?

Please Help.

Thank you in Advance