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Apr 09, 2008 at 08:28 AM

Delta-load from existing ODS



I have a chain of ODSs loading data from an existing ODS. From this ODS there are already daily delta load into a cube. I want this daily load to go into my new ODSs as well. The load is done by process chains.

From what I've read elsewhere, I would expect the load to automatically go into the first of my new ODSs. That didn't happen. I manually run the "init/delta init" load, but still there is no automatic delta load.

1. I believe the reason is the InfoPackage used. It is probably set to update only a single datatarget. But how can I find this InfoPackage? I don't see it in the list of InfoSources in AWB, even if I choose to display generated objects. Is there any way I can access the InfoPackage through the process chain? I am no expert on process chains, but I believe the load is done in the step "Further Processing" for the existing ODS. In the variant I see only the name of the (existing) ODS. I see no InfoPackage. Where is it?

2. How can I run a delta load manually? If I select "Update ODS Data in Data Target", I can only choose between full load, init load and init/delta init. And I've already run an init/delta init.

I'm using BW 3.5.