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Apr 09, 2008 at 07:49 AM

Creating new line items in PO


Dear SAP Gurus

I have an issue regarding the creating a new line item in the existing PO.

I have created a PO with a Tax code as R1 for whcih 14%, 2%, 1% are the taxes but the sytem was calculating 202% tax instead of 14%, this was because there was some problem in the Vendor master and the Tax code. we have rectified the problem of the taxes but when i create another line item in the same PO the same 202% tax is calculatd instead of 14% , whereas if i create a new PO with same material and Vendor then it is calculating the tax correctly as 14%.

But the cllient wants the changes to be done in the same PO because he does not want to loose the PO number.

Please suggest me as to why the System is calculating the same tax values when i create a new line item, is it because the PO is saved with the wrong tax values???

Please suggest a solution

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