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How to close fiscal year in Asset accounting with back dated year

Dec 19, 2017 at 05:55 PM


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Hi Experts,

As per business requirement i have re opened the asset fiscal year 2015 for testing purpose in Quality client but after testing could not set to back as FY 2015 closed.

Now we are in the FY 2017 in asset accounting( our client is in S/4 HANA accounting 1503)

In OAAQ closed fiscal year is showing 2014 now i want to make as 2015 instead of 2014

I am trying to close the fiscal year in transaction code AJAB but i am getting the error as below

CoCd Asset Note

XXX 000000030009-0000 Asset is incomplete and has to be completed

Could you please suggest me how to close the 2015 FY in asset accounting.

How can we change FY 2015 as closed in quality with out moving TR from Development.

Your advise would be precious and appreciate.

Thanks in advance.



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2 Answers

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Bernhard Kirchner
Dec 20, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Hi Ramesh,

Is the quesiton solved in th emeanwhile?

Generally, when the error AU083 "Asset incomplete and has to be completed" is displayed check the asset (

30009) listed in the report of Tcode AUVA and in tcode AW01N.

Do you get the AA 669 in AW01N?

best regards


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Tammy Powlas
Dec 19, 2017 at 06:09 PM

Ramesh - please review the problem with asset 30009-0000 and then you can fix this. Either it is missing some data, or it hasn't been settled.

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Hi Tammy Powlas,

Thanks for your quick reply....

As i can see in asset master data few of the mandatory fields has been missed while uploaded the legacy data in SAP.

Like wise we have around 30 assets.

Is there any other way to change the FY 2015 without changing the asset master data in quality system.

Thanks in advance .....

Highly appreciated on your quick answer.


Ramesh Kolavala


In SAP ECC, you can only have 2 fiscal years open at a time. So if 2017 is open, and 2016 is open you can't have 2015 open too.


Hi ,

I totally agree with your statement but in quality system OAAQ fiscal year closing year is showing 2014 , now i would like to close the 2015 FY.

We are in S/4 HANA 1503 Version.

What about S/4 HANA can we open 3 FY at a time.

As i can see in the table T093C current FY of Asset accounting is 2017.

Master data missing assets created in 2017 FY.

Appriciated your quick answers


Ramesh Kolavala.


You can't change / close the fiscal years without fixing the data; do that first - it shouldn't take that long with only 30 assets


Hi ,

Thanks for your explanations & Inputs.