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Apr 08, 2008 at 09:43 PM

Full Repair Request on DataMart ODS



I have ODS 1 datamarted to ODS2. Every week delta runs on ODS1 based on TRANSDATE and subsequently those deltas are updated on to ODS2.

On second week of JAN 2008 , the delta from ODS1 to ODS2 did not tie but R3 and ODS1 ties so ODS1 is clean. Around 30k records are missing in ODS2 from ODS1 during that time frame.

" I did not find any errors in the load from ODS1 to ODS2 but I noticed some error messages for the data load from R3 to ODS1 for the same time period:

1.Deletion of request REQU_48N2ZSTS8N9E60BJ9I5YR4VD4 from data target ODS1 failed

2.Faulty status found for DataStore ODS1 (see long text)

3.Time limit exceeded. No return of the split processes

4.Process BCTL_48NEPVAZXMGKDX13U336EDA6G could not be terminated. Terminate manually

5.Activation of M records from DataStore object ODS1terminated

6.'A' and 'U' entries exist in RSODSACTREQ for request REQU_48N2ZSTS8N9E60BJ9I5YR4VD4 - termination

7.Error while setting status for DataStore ODS1 and request REQU_48N2ZSTS8N9E60BJ9I5YR4VD4

8.Process 000019 returned with errors "

monitor status is green, but these are errors found in the details tab. Still doing some research if these errors some how hampered the further data load to ODS2.

Please let me know if these errors are prevented the datamart load.

In order to fix the data in ODS2 I am thinking of selectively deleting the remaining records in ODS2 for JAN second week and doing a Full repair from ODS1 with same time selections. Please put forth your suggestions on this idea.

Points will be assigned.