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Apr 08, 2008 at 08:02 PM

NWUPDATEINSTSERVER.exe not replicating changes out to remote server


1st of all... im not a SAP person, so please take it easy on me...

I am in charge of rolling out our new sap server,clients, and remote servers in our orgnization.

I have the server up and running, and installing clients from it. I even have replicated out to remote site the server install, and they to are installing clients from the remote server.

the issue I am having is that i need to update the remote sites with some scripting changes Ive done in the package, and it is not replicating out to the remote server sites.

im using the nwupdateinstserver.exe command, and choosing the remote sites server install. It verifys ok, and completes.

Though the remote site does not have the changes ive made the original installation server.

any idea as to what might be going on ? thanks in advance.