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Cannot apply filter to info objects in BEX query created in HANA studio

Dec 19, 2017 at 02:45 PM


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Hi Experts,

I am facing with a weird issue. I have created a BEX query over a composite provider in HANA studio. I applied certain filters for some of the info objects in Fixed Values and Default Values section of Filter tab respectively. These filters were either hard coded master data values or characteristic variables in which the user would enter the relevant input on execution of the report.

Now, I removed some of the characteristic variable filter from the query and post this, I deleted the characteristic variable. Now I cannot apply any filter to that same info object in the query. When I try to apply some Value as Filter and click OK, the screen remains as it is and the filter is not applied.

Further I re-created the characteristic variable, and re-applied to those info objects, but when I click OK, the screen remains as it is and settings doesn't apply.

However, I can apply filter for those info objects, for which the characteristics variable was not deleted.

Are we missing out something over here.



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Is your question related to Analysis Office? It is not mentioned in your question; is this a BEx question?


Hi ,

I updated the question.

Definetely its related to BEX queries built in HANA studio.


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