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Apr 08, 2008 at 06:21 PM

Handling Session Timeout



I am trying to add logic to some IRPT pages to handle session timeouts.

I am working with a multi-page app. The first page (call it A) sets several session attributes using an applet like this:

document.cmdApp.setPropertyValue(name, value);

There is a button on page A to navigate to page B. Page B retrieves the session variables using an applet like this:

value = document.cmdApp.getPropertyValue("name");

Here is how I recreate the problem:

1) go to page A and let it set the session attributes

2) wait until session is timed out (temporarily set to 1 minute)

3) click on button which navigates to page B

On page B I detect that the session attributes are not available using:

user= document.cmdApp.getPropertyValue("IllumLoginName");

and then I redirect the user back to page A using:

window.location.href = "/Illuminator/x/y/z/A.irpt";

I expected this to force a login (since the session timed out) but, surprisingly, it does not force a login and back on page A when I do the same logic:

user= document.cmdApp.getPropertyValue("IllumLoginName");

I get the user id. If the session timed out, how can page A retrieve the IllumLoginName? Is it somehow cached in the applet that page A has loaded? How can I work around this to force a login?