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Dec 19, 2017 at 12:10 PM

How to run a different language in SAP Business Clinet 6.5 desktop without language pack in SAP


Hi All,

I have SAP with only English as the installed language. I have a requirement of having SAP EAM in local European languages. I also have a requirement to have EAM simplified. To do the simplification, we used the LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY**. We started with the browser based NWBC and then thought to move to the desktop version because of the side panels..

In case i was to use the browser, its very easy for me to do a language translate using the google translate addon of chrome..

The question is, can I do the same in the SAP business client 6.5 for desktop? (If I use Screen Personas i can do that with the Personas language translation tool but then i cant use the SIMPLIFICATION as is. And every transaction needs to be customized).

I see language options in two places when I log into the SAP BC. One is when i configure the service.. and the second is the pop up like what we see in the GUI..



Neither of them seem to work for me, perhaps because I don't have any other language installed (or did i mess it up).

Its a can of worms in case I install one language (because i would have to install at least 10 European languages)..

Please advise what would be the way to run a different language in the Business Client.