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Apr 08, 2008 at 03:16 PM

Doubt regarding the namespace and release transfer


When going through the Namespace section ,

i read this

You can use the same repository namespace in the different versions of a software component. However, you must use different repository namespaces in different software components. If this is not the case, the ES Builder displays a relevant warning message.

while i have read in Release transfer that while transfering object from one SWCV to another SWCV like for eg. one full Namespace from one Software Component to other Software Component , have to create a Namespace of same name in target Software Component.

url :

So , i am all confused , can you all please help me in here .

Question : I want to transfer one namespace from a particular Software Component to another Software Component . Then do i hav to create a new namespace with different name or same as that of source namespace. But we cann't create a namespace with same name in two different Software Components . Is it right ??

Mind it i m talking between two different Software Components . Please

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