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Former Member
Apr 08, 2008 at 02:47 PM

Tax code Blank on Inter-company Accounting Document


The Tax code field in Intercompany Accounting Document is Blank though MWST has A0 ( Zero Tax) as tax code but PR00 & PI01 have no tax codes . The Accounting document of Commercial Invoice has tax code A2 which has MWST & PR00 with tax code A2 ( Full tax) & PI01 as Blank, even at the time of condition record creation for PR00 & PI01 there is no place to enter tax code as these I believe come from customer master record - tax classification. the customer record for Sales Org Ireland has been maintained as Tax exempt.

Sales Flow-

Irish Customer orders to Sales Org Ireland

Sales Org Ireland - has Plant UK as delivery plant- delivers goods to customer

Sales Org Ireland Invoices - Irish customer with correct tax code

Sales Org UK creates Intercompany Invoice to Sales org Ireland with blank tax code in accounting doc

IV Invoice creates RD04 with fullprocessed IDoc in Ireland which does correct Invoice verificiation posting in Ireland.

the only problem is when UK creates IV invoice the a/c document generates has tax code as blank where it should with A0 ( tax exempt) code.

Kindly help