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If Purchase order is blocked is it possible to do MIRO

Hi Experts,

If the purchase order is marked as blocked with tick on Delivery completed. Is it possible to do Invoice receipt for the purchase order. Please provide your valuable answers and suggestions.

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  • Why don't you check the same situation in SAP system?

  • "the purchase order is marked as blocked with tick on Delivery completed"

    what do you mean by {blocked with tick on "Delivery completed"?} -> a blocked PO and a delivery completed PO are different, a PO is not considered as a blocked PO with a tick on that box.

    If PO is blocked then subsequent activities is prevented is correct behavior, why your requirement is to do IV thought that PO is blocked by someone?

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2 Answers

  • Dec 21, 2017 at 11:02 AM

    Blocking means blocking of ANY subsequent activity.

    If you can post an invoice while the PO item has a lock then it is an error and you might have to implement OSS note 2081694 - Blocked purchase order still can create invoice verification

    Blocking can have different meanings and origins:

    • putting a lock at the PO item
    • or having a block from a GTS system
    • or blocked for procurement when the order is not released.

    "blocked with tick on Delivery completed." Such thing does not exist, this is not a blocked in the sense of the word block, this is just information that delivery is completed, which should be an almost usual case when you post an invoice.

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  • Dec 21, 2017 at 10:55 AM

    Hi Amose,

    When you already post a GR then you can post a MIRO, even if Purchase order is blocked, what is your requirement!!

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    • if the PO item is blocked then you get an hardcoded error message that no purchase order can be found to create an invoice. And this is the right and correct behavior in case of blocks and there is no configuration to get around that as one can simply removed the block.

      What do you expect from a block?

      Blocks shall be used to restrict any, really any, follow on activity as such activities might cause inconsistencies, might be irreversible, or just create extra work. E.g. the buyer might want to get the order out to the vendor as the material is needed but the price is not yet finally agreed, hence he does not want to allow a goods receipt or invoice receipt before he had maintained the final price, otherwise an invoice would be compared with a wrong PO price, or the stock would be valuated with a wrong price.